Artist Spotlight

Poetry by Timothy Jarmon


Servant of Almighty GOD.  Husband to Elizabeth.  Father to Katie and Christopher. Student of the Word of GOD. Author of BITS OF BLESSING AND PIECES OF PRAISE. Sunday School teacher for the Inspiration Class.

What Could Have Been?

Tiny little fingers
and tiny little toes
What she could have been
only heaven knows

Growing in the safety
of her hiding place
A beautiful little head
and a precious little face

Yawning and stretching
and kicking around
Moving and responding
to her mother’s sound

A future chemist
or an astronaut in space
Someone to cure cancer
for the human race

A wonderful mind
that could have found
answers to the questions
that have kept us bound

A precious life
so quickly is gone
And now we’re reaping
the death we’ve sown

To take her life
is a horrible sin
And it’s sad to think
What could have been?

Timothy Jarmon
Copyright 2020

If She Could Speak

If she could speak
Would you hear her cry?
Or would you turn your head
And walk on by?

Would you listen
As she pleads her case?
Would you see the terror
On her precious face?

If she could speak
Would you hear her voice?
Would you finally decide
It’s not about choice?

If she could scream
Would you stop your ears?
Would there be any heartache?
Would there be any tears?

Won’t you see
Her suffering and pain?
Or will your love
Continue to wane?

She’s very much human
She’s surely alive
Won’t you let her
Grow and thrive?

Won’t you stand
Her life to defend?
And bring abortion
Finally, to an end!

Timothy Jarmon
Copyright 2020

The Blood Cries Out!

The deafening cries
Of blood from the ground
Reaching to heaven
A heart wrenching sound

Crying for justice
And their defense
Why the carnage?
It doesn’t make sense

Why can’t we stop
This senseless slaughter?
Why would they kill
Their son or daughter?

Where does it end?
When will it stop?
The death we’ve sown
Is a deadly crop

Surely the reaping
Will destroy our land
Ultimately, we’re all
In our GOD’S hand

In the judgment to come
What will the verdict be?
Have you faithfully stood
Or did you flee?

Have you fought for those
Who cannot fight?
Did you value their lives
And defend their right?

Timothy Jarmon
Copyright 2020

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