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What are Prolife Movies?


Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for theatrical movies and documentaries to feature themes or sub-themes about abortion. Some messages in these projects are pro-abortion; some are prolife. Across the decades, and in some cases across centuries, subtle and not so subtle messages point to a deeply seated interest in the subject.

Most Popular Pro-life Movies and TV Shows – IMDb

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Pro-life Movies: Rated G

  • Horton Hears A Who
  • Meet The Robinsons

Pro-life Movies: Rated PG

  • Martian Child
  • August Rush
  • Amazing Grace
  • Father of the Bride: Part 2

Pro-life Movies: Rated PG-13

  • Gimme Shelter
  • October Baby
  • Waitress
  • Bella
  • The Island
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • The Forgotten
  • Gattaca
  • Juno
  • Second Act
  • Sound of Freedom
  • Roe v. Wade

Pro-life Movies: Not Rated

  • Bloodmoney
  • Crescendo
  • 4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 Days
  • Penny Serenade
  • Sophie Scholl: The White Rose
  • The 40 Film
  • Maafa 21

12 Pro-Life Movies and Shows You Should Watch Right Now

  • Unplanned (2019) R, Ashley Bratcher, Brooks Ryan, Robia Scott – An inspiring new movie about one woman’s stunning transformation from one of Planned Parenthood’s youngest clinic directors to one of the most outspoken pro-life speakers, is set to hit theaters nationwide on March 29. Abby Johnson’s compelling story is truly inspirational — specifically the moment she saw something that profoundly changed her mind about the importance of life.
  • Second Act (2018) PG-13, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Leah ReminiA big box store worker reinvents her life and her life-story and shows Madison Avenue what street smarts can do.
  • Meant To BeOn a quest to find his birth mother, one young man uncovers more than he asked for. Check out his journey in this fascinating film.
  • Dying To Be Heard (2013) TV-14, H. Samuel Santiago, Jeffrey Scallon, Alyse Nicole MerrittStarring writer, director, and actress Alyse Nicole, this is a riveting and heart-wrenching film that underscores the reality of God’s compassion for every human life.
  • Alison’s Choice (2015) NR, Chanel Marriott, Bruce Marchiano, Alicia Monet Caldwell – Alison, a teen, is facing pregnancy. With nowhere to turn, she finds herself in a “clinic” about to end her baby’s life. Suddenly a man appears. His mop tells her he’s the janitor. Conversation begins and it quickly becomes clear that this man is no mere janitor, but Jesus manifest. And he’s come to save the life of her baby.
  • October Baby (2011) PG-13, Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, John Schneider – When a college freshman faces an unexpected identity crisis (she is the adopted survivor of a failed abortion), she takes a road trip with her misfit friends to discover the truth about her past. Check out what she uncovers.
  • Sound of Freedom (2023) PG-13, Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Bill CampThe incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers.
  • Bloodmoney (2010) NR, Sandra Cano, Clenard Childress, Jr., Carol Everett, Dr. Alveda KingA documentary film that exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro Life perspective.
  • Maafa 21 (2009) NR, John Eric Bentley, Stephen Broden, Clenard Childress, Jr. – Maafa 21 traces eugenic thoughts and practices that have been set against African Americans from the time of slavery through the present.
  • The Matter of Life (2021) NR, Christina Bennett, Maurice Borders, Shannelle BordersA journey to unravel the complexities of the abortion issue through science, philosophy, history and powerful personal stories. The film answers hard questions and provides hope for the future.
  • Juno (2007) PG-13, Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, an offbeat young woman makes a selfless decision regarding the unborn child.
  • Roe v. Wade (2019) PG-13, Jon Voight, Nick Loeb, Stacey Dash, Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.

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