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Poetry by Patrick Carberry


Patrick Carberry has dedicated his life to service and humanitarian endeavors. Mr. Carberry started his career serving in the US Army 82nd Airborne. He recently retired from the government and had spent the last 16 years working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) working to help protect America and its allies against threats to its National Security. While working for the FBI he was deployed twice and was embedded with the US Army Iraq in 2004, and in Bagram Afghanistan, in 2009.


Carberry worked law enforcement and intelligence matters. He and his team assisted in mitigating and analyzing threats to keep America safe. Much of the genesis for the documentary Christians in the Mirror stemmed from Mr. Carberry’s experiences while serving in overseas areas.


Prior to joining the DOJ, Carberry had a successful career working for various Fortune 500 companies in Boston area including building his own technology software company which was successfully acquired by a publicly traded company. Carberry authored the technical book “CAD/CAM with Personal Computers.”, Publisher Tab Books/McGraw Hill.


Carberry was raised Catholic as a young boy but has been a non-denominational Christian for most of his adult life. His strong Christian faith has informed and influenced all areas of his life for the past 50+ years. Carberry has started a number of Christian initiatives. Carberry founded Joshuacord, a Christian 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness and funds to help Persecuted Christians across the Middle East and Africa. Over the past five years Joshuacord has hosted an annual run called Joshua 1:9 Freedom 5K and donated all proceeds to Persecuted Christians globally.


More recently Carberry has partnered with In Altum Productions to produce a documentary called Christians in the Mirror which takes the audience through the lives of men, women, and children facing persecution for their Christian faith.


Carberry received his B.A. degree from California State University, Fullerton, CA, and attended a Master’s Program at Liberty University. Carberry is married to his beautiful wife Bettie, has two adult children and two adorable grandsons.

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A Thing With No Name

Within this picture which bears no name,
I see a loving mother crying with shame.
Nine months ago she thought,
“It’s an inconvenience to carry this thing with no name.

Abortion is simple, the hassles are less,
I won’t think of myself nonetheless.”
But as the days went by and her body changed
She learned to accept and love this thing with no name.

As the time grew near and she looked back,
She began to cry because of shame.
My God! My God! What I almost had done
Was murder my child, my firstborn son.

She thought to herself, “I am to blame,
How could I have called him a thing with no name?”
Forgive me my Lord, and create within me
A mother’s heart as you intended to be.

I love my child so soft and so frail,
How good it feels to hold him close without fail.
The sweetness of his breath, and his dependence on me,
How warm and tender is my baby to me.

Copyright © 2023 Patrick Carberry

I have published two songs, one about the second coming of the Lord and another is a love song I wrote over 50 years ago for my wife.  I hope you enjoy them.

~ Patrick

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