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What God has Done

My name is Lynda Elliott and I am a recipient of Alveda’s generosity and desire to heal and love all people. How has she helped me? How has Alveda made it possible for Babbie Mason and me to help our world through www.LivingColorsSong.com? It’s an awesome story—read it and you will see God’s loving hands moving to heal far and wide!


Once upon a time, Babbie invited me to attend her music school. I did not know much about music, but I attended over Skype because I was Babbie’s friend, and because I felt the calling of Jesus to join her. At the end of 7 sessions, I had written the words for a purpose that had been in my heart since I was 5 years old. Babbie became my co-writer, and the words and music came alive as Living Colors. How amazing! God had remembered His call to me for 78 years!THEN Covid hit and we were not able to produce it for over 2 years! The calling to this compelling love song stayed strong in my mind….WHILE THE WORLD WAS SHUT DOWN…….

THEN I saw Alveda in a TV interview, and I immediately thought, “What a kind woman.” and went to bed.

THEN, the Holy Spirit awoke me the next morning and I clearly heard the command, “Call Alveda and offer her Living Colors!”

THEN I got a cup of coffee and without hesitation, looked up Alveda’s ministry number and left her a message, offering to send her a demo of Living Colors. She returned my call and asked me to send her the demo.

THEN upon hearing the beauty and power of Living Colors, she offered to produce it from her ministry! God had spoken to Alveda according to the call He had given me at age 5! He had not forgotten and neither had I! (Read that story on my blog under A Lesson Learned.)

NOW, you can see the evidence of the hand of Jesus, step by step, on www.LivingColorsSong.com. Alveda’s ministry invested approximately $10,000! An investment well-spent by donors! This may have been you! If so, thank you so much! I want you to see what you have already done.

The yearly cost for Alveda to produce songs or books is $120,000. Let’s show our agreement for the purposes and love that Alveda made possible, both for givers and creators.

It’s not about us…it is about the whole world. It is an easy way to make the world better! Music goes below the mind straight into the heart! Give whatever you can. God will complete His purposes. Check Alveda’s website to join us.

Please pray and with all your heart, send whatever you can to pour love into the world via Alveda’s ministry.

Check out www.LivingColorsSong.com and read my story and find God’s adventure that began when I was 5. Whoever you are, we appreciate you already!

In our Love for the World,
Lynda Elliott

Lynda Elliott

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