Artist Spotlight

Ryan Scott Bomberger


​“The world is moved by music. There is, perhaps, no more compelling construction than a melody to elevate and embolden a cause. Anti-slavery abolitionists understood its power and its ability to sustain them when defeat loomed all around.
The “Song of the Abolitionist”, written by the leader of the American Anti-Slavery Society, William Lloyd Garrison, served as a source of encouragement. Abolitionists were the targets of intense political persecution and verbal and physical violence. Garrison, himself, was brutally attacked for his anti-slavery beliefs, nearly lynched in Boston by a pro-slavery mob. Several stanzas in his song could be a rallying cry for today’s Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion movement.
Imagine the chorus of millions across the globe, fearlessly declaring a potent refrain that unified this movement of justice. That anthem has yet to be written, but just like the compilation songbook Anti-Slavery Melodies, prolife songs are helping to break through the rhetoric, awaken souls to abortion’s destruction, encourage people to act with nonviolent urgency and even bring healing to those scarred by “choice”.
We are today’s abolitionists compelled by love, justice and mercy. I cannot wait for the day when our song will be one of true retrospect, rejoicing because human worth and dignity have been restored through abortion’s abolition.”


Excerpt by Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation

The Radiance Foundation

Over the years, prolife songs have trickled out of the music industry, mostly from Christian artists. Many prolife advocates get excited about musicians’ willingness to address this present-day human rights issue. I’ve even written a song, “Meant to Be”, to thank my courageous birthmom for choosing life despite being raped and giving me the gift of adoption. From the famous to the more obscure, prolife messaging can be heard from artists like Lauryn Hill (“Zion”), Common (“Retrospect on Life”), Whitney Houston (“Miracle”), Steven Curtis Chapman (“All I Really Want”), J.Cole (“Lost Ones”), Flipsyde (“Happy Birthday”), Nick Cannon (“Can I Live”) , Christcentric (“Fight for the Children”), Natalie Grant (“Held”), Barlow Girl (“Tears Fall”) and number-one selling hip-hop artist Lecrae (“Good, Bad, Ugly).

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