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A Collection of Poetry by Terry McDermott


Terry McDermott has his college degree from Santa Clara University.  He has a law degree (J.D.) from University of California-Davis School of Law and a Masters of Law (LL.M.)from the University of California – Berkeley School of Law. He is a retired  Lecturer in Law at Sacramento State University. Terry resides in California and continues to passionately pursue being a voice for the voiceless and defending the defenseless and their inalienable right to life.

Hi Dr. King:
I had the privilege of being in a prayer circle with you outside an abortion clinic in Sacramento many years ago. That inspired me to write pro life poems. A few are listed below. Know that everything you do for the little ones puts a smile on the face of Jesus:

Terry McDermott

A Prayer for all Mothers

I pray for mothers whose kids drive them wild,
For every mother of a preborn child.
I pray for mothers who cannot be,
For them to cling to Jesus, His Blood, and the tree.
I pray for mothers’ who gave their child away,
For their suffering day after day.
For a mother of a child never born,
And for her heart trampled and torn.
I pray for her regrets and fears,
I especially pray for her tears.
May every child look their mother in the eye,
My ultimate prayer, they won’t have to die.


As JESUS holds me near,
I wonder why I am here.
The result of a wrong choice,
Before a song came from my voice.
I never left the starting gate,
Never allowed to carry the weight.
During the dark night of your soul,
I wonder if you regret your role?
Though critically wounded is your heart,
It is never too late to make a new start.
I pray for the mom I never knew,
Handing her needs to Faithful and True.
JESUS, bring her to her knees,
Till Your love is all she sees.
A woman broken in two,
Does not have to be forever blue.
I forgive my mom as I hand her to You,

Death Roe

A young child has not a clue,
That its life is about to be through.
In what should be the safest place,
Their life about to be erased.
Hundreds of thousands every year,
Will have stolen what we hold dear.
Convicted of living in a womb,
Now transformed into their tomb.
America arrogantly lives a lie,
Sentencing innocent children to die.
The executioner has no burden of proof,
Has no interest in hearing the truth.
Our country is upside down,
Abortion rampant in every town.
A little heart beats at 24 days,
Don’t expect any execution stays.
Arm and legs torn apart,
Forever silencing a broken heart.
Another life about to fade,
In innocent blood his feet Wade.
Millions of coffins in a Roe,
The winds of change starting to blow.

Color Me Dead

What Planned Parenthood doesn’t want seen,
The American child killing machine.
Two people enter their door,
A child to be never more.
A baby brutally ravaged,
A mother forever damaged.
God is clearly pro life,
Beyond time to end the strife.
13% of American women are Black
30% of abortions, Black kids stabbed in the back.
Godly Americans need to tell,
Rise above the applause from hell.
Rivers of innocent blood must cease,
Or forever there will be no peace.
America, Black and White, and baby blue,
Abortions kill children, a fact that is true.
We were all created by God and bleed red,
Our children should never, ever wake up dead.
Ebony and ivory, pepper and salt,
Killing our children must come to a halt.

The American Lie

I look at the U.S. Supreme Court,
Thinking about the children we abort.
The lie on the building is all I saw,
?Equal Justice Under Law?.
Blood dripping from each word,
Tiny tears need to be heard.
The most innocent and loving of all,
Continue to take the fall.
A mother’s womb,
Should not be a tomb.
A preborn “person”, hear the heartbeat,
Simply look at tiny hands and feet.
America tries to hide her shame,
There is no one else to blame.
We deny them justice in a hurry,
No trial, judge or jury.
Our country imploding from within,
Innocent blood our national sin.
Tiny caskets from East to West,
Just may have killed America’s best.

Blood on a Shoe

My reaction was truly “Unplanned”,
Never too late to take a stand.
Having stood at the gates of hell,
Surprised as tears fell.
Must never, ever forget,
All the pain and regret.
The Father of Lies at the helm,
In the Planned Parenthood spiritual realm.
A purveyor of death and destruction,
All I saw was the suction.
The ugly truth of desecration,
Vulnerable women and God’s creation.
I could see incense rising to the Lord,
The prayers of pro lifers indeed soared.
The movie took me back so I would see,
To Sacramento and a tree.
Many years ago at Planned Parenthood,
A cross in a tree, carved in wood.
I recall a Psalm when it all started,
“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.”
“Unplanned” broke me in two,
Undone over baby blue.
What really pierced me through,
Were drops of blood on a shoe.

I Am an American

I am an American just like you,
You can call me baby blue.
Never allowed to carry the weight,
My life stolen in the starting gate.
The right to life the big lie,
All I ever did was die.
God is real, see the sigh,
Look closely at the tear in His eye.
Stop the abortion holocaust,
Before another child is lost.
End the current American civil war,
Americans killing Americans like never before.

Writing For Those Who Have Been Written Off

This poem is dedicated to those,
For whom Jesus died and rose.
It stands for those,
Whose mother “chose”.
It reads for those who have never read,
Broken in two when they woke up dead.
Playing with fire in the spiritual realm,
Eyes on Jesus, Who is at the helm.
The One and Only who has given God a face,
Streaked with tears for the human race.

40 Days for Life

“40 Days for Life”, twice a year,
At the sidewalk, a tiny tear.
Praying for the little unloved,
Waiting for Jesus from above.
He cherishes every prayer,
Place the little ones in His care.
Boldly approach the throne of grace,
Storm the heavens at this evil place.
“Every child a wanted child”,
Misdirection as a child is defiled.
The truth is far from mild,
“Every unwanted child, a dead child.”
Planned Parenthood, counting the green,
The prolific American killing machine.
A child devastated in no time at all,
Time to tear down the wall.
Expose the American harlot,
Show the rivers of scarlet.

A Song Never Sung

A song never sung,
Dead before they were young.
Though just a grain of sand,
It’s beyond time to take a stand.
Invisible they must be,
People look but just do not see.
At times I long to give up the fight,
But ending abortion is so right.
Innocent blood should not be shed,
American children waking up dead.
We will never know how much it cost,
Millions of children forever lost.
Our conscience should never rest,
We just may have killed America’s best.
I close my eyes but still see the sight,
This is way too sad to write.
Dylan’s words I wish were not true,
“It’s all over now, baby blue.”
I hear a whisper and see a knife,
“Mom, take my hand, not my life.”

Through The Eyes of JESUS

I look down from above,
Through the eyes of eternal love.
My vision clouded with rivers of tears,
As I realize my worst of fears.
Children I created in their mother’s womb,
Now has become their earthly tomb.
I reflect back upon the cross,
All my pain, my Blood, and loss.
I knew then, what I see now,
As I wait for every knee to bow.
Even if their mother does not confess,
I will never love her more, or less.
Though America is in full retreat,
Her eyes and mine are about to meet.
From the clouds I’m about to rend,
I AM the Beginning and the End.
No more death and sorrow, you will not cry,
As I wipe away every tear from your eye.
Write this down, trustworthy and true
I’m about to forever end baby blue.
This is the vision of the eternal I AM,
Seen through the eyes of the Lamb.


Angel wings, heaven bound,
Little children, never made a sound.
All they ever did was die,
Long ago I quit asking why?
Blood on the floor of the throne of grace,
Unborn children of every race.
Jesus, the One and Only, innocent one,
I see His face and come undone.
His pain way beyond measure,
As we continue to kill His treasure.
How do you calculate majestic pain,
Does He recall Able slaughtered by Cain?
Could abortion make Him revisit the cross,
Does His heart shatter from all the loss?
Does He see rivers of blood of the unborn,
Does He relive the crown and the thorn?
I see Him at the pillar and the scourge,
As our children we continue to purge.
Does His broken heart once again die,
Does the Lamb continue to cry?
Aborted children will be with their eternal Lover,
From the pain will Jesus ever recover?

Many Tears Ago

Two people entered a Planned Parenthood door,
Devastation to the core.
One forever damaged, one forever dead,
Writing on the wall needs to be read.
On her mother a child’s hopes were pinned,
Yet mom has cast her fate to the wind.
Abortion is truly not about choice,
It is all about a tiny voice.
Protecting this eternal creation,
The only hope for a fallen nation.
Never knew there was a heart that beat,
Should have looked at tiny hands and feet.
I wonder if she knew her life was for sale,
And understood the ultimate betrayal.
I wish I could say it wasn’t so,
But that was many tears ago.

If Only I Had Known

I really did not have a clue,
Would not have given up baby blue.
Never dreamed she was a life,
Could have ended years of strife.
If I had known I carried a baby
I would have at least said, “Maybe”.
A child I never knew,
The information was not true.
If I could have made an informed choice,
I would still be listening to her voice.
Years of tears for a wrong decision,
Given the truth I would have had a vision.
An ultrasound would have given her a start,
I just needed to see a beating heart.
She would not have been ravaged,
I would not be forever damaged.
I lift up all my pain and loss,
I gently set it at the foot of the cross.
The Lord has mended my broken heart,
I am blessed with a brand new start.
So now I reach out to you,
With the love of Faithful and True.

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