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Poetry by David Suchanick


My name is David Suchanick and I have been Catholic my entire life, worked in Rachel’s Vineyard ministries for a number of years, though not in the past 8 years.  My wife, Rose Marie and I have been married for 27 years and we live in Nashville TN.  We have 1 daughter, Katie.

I began writing the attached poem a couple of days ago while praying in Eucharistic Adoration, and I know this poem was inspired by the Holy Spirit because of how quickly it came together.  I do not seek to publish this for monetary gain, just to have it spread around to reach as many people as possible, especially with January being Pro-Life Month.  My hope is that you will find it worthy to help you in your mission to protect the sanctity of human life, and to wake people up to seeing the Holiness of Motherhood and Fatherhood.
When you read the poem, please read it as though you were reading a Dr. Seuss book because that is how it naturally flows as written.  May God Bless your work in 2022.  Happy New Year!
David Suchanick

A Child is a Child


A Child is a Child,
No Matter how small,
From unborn to preemie,
Even to five feet tall.

Whether Embryo or Fetus,
At the same time, not both,
I am not a clump of cells,
It’s just my stage of growth.

Inside my Mama’s tummy,
Is where I’m safe, without fear,
Before my heart starts beating,
She doesn’t know that I’m here.

But my soul is intact,
And God is shaping my face,
Along with fingers, toes, and hands,
They all have their place.

A boy or a girl,
Only one can I be,
No matter which one God chooses,
I’ll come with a Hiney.

All stages of my creation,
There’s no need to inspect,
Because when God finishes,
In His eyes I’ll be perfect.

So, if Doctor’s say something’s wrong,
Don’t let your heart break,
People call them handicaps,
But God makes no mistakes.

Don’t let anyone tell you,
This wasn’t wished from above,
God allowed this so I can show others,
The true meaning of love.

Whether you’re laughing or crying,
I feel what you feel,
Our bond is so strong,
You know that I am real.

So please talk to me often,
For I can hear your voice,
Or play me some music,
That’s another good choice.

When I am finally born,
Whether ten pounds or only two,
I can’t wait to show you,
Just how much I love you.

Tell Daddy to speak to me,
I hear him talking too,
Because the way I was created,
I need both of you.

I am really God’s child,
The Truth I must tell,
So praise Him and be thankful,
Because I’m your gift as well.

But if God calls me from your womb,
Though this cross won’t be easy,
Please give me a name,
I’m still part of your family.

Even if my time with you is short,
The same prayer for you I’ll repeat,
Remember to keep your heart open,
‘Til in Heaven we shall meet.

David Suchanick – Nashville TN
December 30, 2021

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